Mission Statement

“We will strive to protect and preserve this beautiful and wildlife rich wilderness area we are entrusted with. Thus armed with the tools of education and knowledge we will venture into the realm of the Great Bear, what was and what must continue to be, surely, one of the last great cornerstones of this planet.”

Clint Hlebechuk
Designer of Hallo Bay Camp


Operation Overview

Hallo Bay Wilderness is designed to be a wildlife and Alaskan wilderness experience which offers a limited number of people the opportunity to walk amongst the giant brown bears. No one leaves without the feeling of a true wilderness experience and lives are touched by the memories made here. Established in 1994, Hallo Bay was designed to be a trend setting model of responsibility and low impact to this environment. Our guests observe the bears in their natural habitat. There are no viewing platforms or man-made trails at Hallo Bay. The total number of guests on any given day is 4-10. It is our experience that small groups are much less impacting than large groups of people on any wilderness outing. The smaller group size intimidates wildlife less and leaves a much less impacting footprint on the habitat.

The bear observation out in the field is conducted under the direction of our professional naturalists whose primary duties include the safety of our guests and the continued preservation of this unique area and its magnificent wildlife. Along with our naturalists, the camp personnel play a very important role in preserving this wilderness area. Unlike other operations which utilize bear traumatizing rubber bullets and mace type sprays to discourage bears, Hallo Bay denies bears the opportunity to learn bad habits, but does not discourage their natural curiosity of their surroundings. Thus it is common to see bears by the safari camp, but in twenty years of operation we have never had a bear cause damage. Hallo Bay personnel utilize the experience and the vast knowledge gained by many years along with lots of common sense to co-exist with these bears in a peaceful and serene environment.

While Hallo Bay personnel do everything reasonably possible to maintain and protect this pristine wilderness area, we also need the understanding and cooperation of our guests in order to do it in a manner beneficial to the habitat and wildlife it contains.

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