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“Today the enemies of wildlife include sprawling urbanization, overuse of habitat areas by resource managers desperate for increased revenue sources, the public demanding to see and use their public lands at a greater rate than ever and poorly planned and executed wildlife studies. My greatest pleasure today is giving others the opportunity to observe a thriving pristine wildlife habitat without large impacting crowds. Each day brings an opportunity to experience an unspoiled habitat and savor it again and again.”

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“The naturalists and people of Hallo Bay Wilderness are a very unique and special type of people. They have a deep rooted and honest love of the wilderness and find a peaceful comfort within it. Their concern for the land and wildlife is above reproach, and their willingness to share this knowledge with others is the future.”

Alaska Host Program / Alaska Native Cultural Studies
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“We are so used to living in a fast paced traveling society, trying to see it all and do it all that we have forgotten how to stop and find our place in the great scheme of things. Once in our lifetime, if we are very lucky, we may experience an adventure that changes our lives forever, Hallo Bay Wilderness was such a place for me. The wild and untouched splendor of this Alaska wilderness retreat reawakens one’s love and appreciation for all things in our lives which we have taken for granted for so long. The peaceful natural beauty of the surroundings, the endless change of the tides, the majestic bears who guard this paradise and the spirit of those of Hallo Bay Wilderness bring on an awe of life and a gentle calming effect to the soul.”

Leave No Trace Master Educator
Canadian Certified St. John’s Ambulance Advanced First Aid & CPR
Canadian Wilderness Survival Training
Non-Traumatic Brown Bear Identification Project

Alaska Host Program / Alaska Native Cultural Studies Alaska Host Program
Wanderlust Magazine World Guide Awards 2012 Silver Award Winner out of over 1000 naturalist guides worldwide.

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Brad was born in California and has resided in Idaho for the past twenty six years. He developed a passion for the outdoors recreating in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Idaho as a youth and committed himself to passing this enjoyment on to others through conservation and education. Graduating from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA with a Bachelors Degree in Recreation Management Brad worked with the Idaho state parks and recreation department as a park ranger for many years before transferring to another state agency. There he supervised contract work crews for a variety of natural resource related projects ranging from trail construction, wildland fire fighting, and timber management.

“Hallo Bay is truly a unique place where people are afforded the privilege to mingle with nature’s magnificent creatures in their natural undisturbed environment. The opportunity to be a part of such a place and work with such great people in providing others the ability for life changing experiences while preserving it for generations to come through education is the chance of a lifetime and a dream come true.”

First Aid and CPR Certification
Certified Interpretive Guide (National Association of Interpretation)
Type 1 Wildland Firefighter (National Wildfire Coordinating Group)
Type 4 Incident Commander (National Wildfire Coordinating Group)

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Herb lives in Tennessee and has backpacked throughout the Great Smokies Mountains and volunteers in the National Park, educating people about the place and its’ wildlife. Herb developed a respect for not only the mountains but everything wild and natural.

He spent 22 years working for Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad in various management positions, relocating 15 times, including 2 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was Managing Director-General Manager. He took an early retirement from BNSF and moved his family back to Tennessee, where he worked as a substitute teacher in his kids’ schools for 7 years, teaching Spanish for a semester and Business Logistics and Transportation. He also had a very unique opportunity to work as CEO-Managing Director of Estonian Railway, 2002-2004, privatizing a formerly government run railway business. This came along as a direct result of his position in Buenos Aires. Because the Estonian Railway was virtually a land-bridge for Russian oil to the Baltic Sea he had many business dealings with the Russian Railway officials.

“To me, when thinking about wilderness, the first words that come to mind are respect and responsibility. I believe first we have to have a respect for the natural state of wild places. Then we have a moral responsibility to preserve it, not just for posterity, but more so because it has a right to exist. I have nothing to offer the wilderness in return except a promise to not alter it in any way and help tell the story to others about the need to do all we can to preserve it and other wild places like it. I knew the first time I visited Hallo Bay that it was truly one of those places. I have had many different jobs but none more rewarding and fun than as an official Volunteer in the Great Smoky Mountains NP and as a Naturalist Guide at Hallo Bay Bear Camp. I hope I can continue both for years to come.”

First Aid and CPR Certification
Degree in Business Logistics and Transportation, University of Tennessee










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