School Trips & Education Programs

Student & School Trips

In the interest of the environmental education of our young people Hallo Bay Wilderness will partially subsidize a complete wilderness wildlife activity and lodging program beginning from Anchorage. Depending on the number of students in the group and their area of interest we can usually produce a complete value added program that is within the budgets of most students.

Hallo Bay Wilderness will provide and subsidize these educational camp programs at a very reduced rate. Various company’s associated with Hallo Bay Wilderness provide special rates for our student programs.

Chaperones traveling with the students receive additional discounts because of the time they provide organizing these school trips and taking the responsibility for these young people.

Teachers organizing a student trip should contact Hallo Bay Wilderness for more information as early as possible regarding these programs.

Educational & Research Programs

A variety of opportunities are available to utilize Hallo Bay Wilderness as a viable platform for educational and research projects.


Hallo Bay Wilderness is located 300′ adjacent to the North Pacific Ocean, 3 miles from the base of active and inactive volcanics and all around us is a wealth of marine and land wildlife habitat.

Facilities & Specialized Equipment

The Camp has facilities to handle many different requirements as the web page information will indicate. Some of the specialized equipment available without additional cost for education and research projects stereo microscopes, laptop computers, display monitors, projectors, screens, specimen containers, etc.

Hallo Bay Wilderness will do everything possible to provide a reasonable cost base for your particular project, particularly if it is in the interest of education.

Graduate Student Projects

The Hallo Bay Wilderness Graduate Student Projects are unique and provide excellent educational opportunities at a diverse and remote location. Graduate and Undergraduate students considering application to this program have a wide variety of subject matter to choose from. Some of the areas which may be considered are; Coastal Studies, Inter tidal zones, Human Interaction, Sustainable Use, Political Management, Volcanics, Glacier, Bears, Shorebirds, Wolves, River Otters, Wild Salmon Runs, Waterfowl, Hawks and Eagles.

Hallo Bay Wilderness has found Alaska Pacific University to be one of the most innovative and forward looking educational platforms for one to consider in pursuit of your masters. Greg Brown Ph.D. Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences at APU has always intrigued us with his ability to anticipate the educational needs for management positions of the future.

Please contact with your thoughts and ideas. We are always looking to support new concepts or cooperative studies that benefit the Alaskan wilderness.

For more information feel free to contact us.

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