Air Transportation for Day Trip Guests

Information for Half Day Bear Trip Guests

The price of the aircraft is included in the Half Day Bear Tour price. There is no additional air cost for the Half Day Bear Tour.

The Half Day Bear Tour groups are flown to the Coast of Katmai National Park.  There are no buildings, platforms or walkways in this entire area so please be prepared to experience a wilderness area.

Check In

It is very important that you check in with our Hallo Bay office by 4:00 pm the day before your scheduled flight to camp. 

Flight Information

Your flight to a Hallo Bay Wilderness camp will be provided by an FAA certified Bush Plane air service within the camp. The flight is approximately one hour in length. 

Weight Information

All guests and their luggage will be weighed at the office before being loaded onto the plane. Each guest traveling to camp on our day tours will be limited to one day pack and camera gear. When booking your trip, please talk to our Hallo Bay office staff regarding luggage types and weight.  Small Alaska Bush planes have limited space and cannot accommodate large pieces of luggage.

Anyone that has luggage over the size limit will need to make arrangements to leave any excess baggage in Homer. It is a good idea to make prior arrangements in Homer to store any excess luggage. It is also wise to inquire of specific requirements regarding the weight allowances and handling of excess luggage or freight items well in advance. Do not wait until the day you fly to address excess weight issues.

Passenger Rights:

Packing for your Flight: 

Alaska bush planes do not have the flexibility of taking unplanned additional weight, baggage or passengers. When traveling by bush planes one must understand that bush planes are designed to land on primitive landing strips, thus weight and seat limitations of the aircraft are strictly enforced by safety conscious pilots who will not vary from this.

Luggage and carry on in small bush planes is stored for transport in two areas of the aircraft, in the belly pod and in a small cargo area. Our recommendation is a small day pack and cameras should have a proper case which will protect them.

Passengers will be allowed to carry a small bag or camera which they may keep near them and easily accessible while in flight. Small being considered something in the size of a fanny pack, anything larger will need to go into the pod or under the cargo netting.

What Not To Bring

__Do not bring any type of Bear spray, pepper spray or Bear mace (any guest caught bringing these items will have their trip terminated immediately).
__Absolutely no firearms of any kind.
__The pilot of the air charter will cancel your trip immediately if anyone shows up at the office or plane drunk, drinking, intoxicate by alcohol or drugs.

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