Please Read Before Booking Your Tour (This information is for the Overnight Guest Trips Only)

I accept the terms set forth in the Hallo Bay Cancellation and Refund Policy.

I understand that you require me to have Travel Insurance with coverage particular to weather delay and or cancellation, medical services and or medical evacuation as may apply. If I choose not to obtain travel insurance or cancel my policy prior to departure, I will be responsible for any and all additional expenses incurred by weather delays or cancellations and expect no refund or reimbursement from Hallo Bay.

I understand that Hallo Bay will not be responsible for failure of air transportation or other unrelated services which may cause my tour with Hallo Bay to be canceled, delayed or incur additional costs.

I agree to abide by the laws of Katmai National Park and the rules of conduct set forth by Hallo Bay.

I understand that in the event my conduct or actions create a danger or disruption to myself, other guests or Hallo Bay staff, I will be required to leave the tour without refund and at addition air transportation expense back to Homer.

I have researched and observed a current map of Katmai National Park so I may better understand the remoteness of the wilderness location where my Hallo Bay tour takes place.

I have read and understand the physical requirements set forth in the itinerary of the daily activities.

I have made known to Hallo Bay any and all physical or medical conditions I have that may affect my participation.

I understand that I am to bring spare eyeglasses/contacts (if worn) and a minimum of 7 days additional supply of any medications I require.

I have made any/all dietary restrictions known to Hallo Bay prior to booking my tour.

I have read the Hallo Bay information regarding electrical availability and understand that it is my responsibility to provide proper electrical plug adapters (if required) for my battery charging needs.

If you do not understand any part of the above please inquire of us to be more specific and we will be happy to explain any part you may not understand. If you do not ask, we assume you understand our policies as we intended it.

Mental Preparation & Common Sense

Mental preparation for your wilderness adventure is very important. As a wilderness traveler you must be prepared to accept and make the best of any situation Nature deals to you during your trip. Difficulties may come in the form of weather. For example, you may have clear blue skies at Hallo Bay Wilderness but, 120 miles away in Homer, the airport may be totally fogged in, not allowing your bush plane to make your scheduled flight until the afternoon or following day.

Another example would be that it might start raining on the first day of your 4 night trip and it continues to rain for the duration of your stay. This does not mean that your trip is a “wash out”. It just means that it will have to be accepted and we will need to modify and adapt to fit the weather. This may mean going out in full weather gear prepared for heavy rain.

We at Hallo Bay Wilderness make every attempt to prepare you for situations that can arise during your stay in part by making suggested clothing and equipment lists, which will help plan for eventualities. We also recommend that guests plan for a day or two open at the end of the trip, before your next planned destination in the event of a potential delay in your departure from camp.

There are many facets of mental preparation to your wilderness adventure. We have just mentioned a few. One should consider different situations, as we have no control over nature and wildlife but this is also the greatest reason for this area to be as wild and remote as it is.

Our advertised prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.  We reserve the right to correct typographic, photographic, pricing and or descriptive errors.

By purchasing services from Alaska’s Hallo Bay Wilderness Camps you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which we have set in place governing our operations.  If you are not comfortable with these terms we respectfully ask that you do not book with us as these are our company policies set in place for your safety, the safety of other guests, staff and our deep concern for protecting this magnificent wilderness area and the wildlife within it from those who may not realize how very fragile it is and how easily it can be overrun.  Our watch is one of concern for all living things and their environment.

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