Clothing and Gear

Alaska Coastal weather and weight are major considerations when planning your clothing list. Comfortable, lightweight and functional clothes are important for wilderness travelers who can be exposed to all types of weather conditions. The following lists are suggestions to guide you. Many of you will have your own personal preferences and be aware of what your body requires.

All guests must pay particular attention to the weight and luggage size limitations which are imposed by the Air Taxi operator. They will weigh both you and your luggage when you check in. Luggage not needed at the camp should be stored in Homer.

Note: Hallo Bay’s naturalists are firm believers that subtle, natural colors are the most reasonable choices.

Outerwear • Travel light but be wilderness-wise.
__Rain Jacket & Pants – quality Water Proof rain gear.
__Hats(s) – 1 warm beanie, 1 baseball type cap.
__Gloves – lightweight gloves.
__Warm Jacket or Windbreaker Lightweight jacket.
__Outdoor All Weather Pants.

Footwear • Happy campers have happy feet.
__Socks – smart wool socks.
__Shoes to wear in camp.
__Boot/Shoe Liners.
__Rubber Boots – We provide knee high rubber boots for Day Trippers and overnight guests.

Under layers • Keeps you warm and safe and dry.
__Sweat pants.
__Long Underwear.
__T-Shirts – short or long sleeve.

Personal Gear List

Travel Gear • Recommendations for easy travel and transportation on the bush plane. All day hikes and short treks at the camp begin with good planning for comfort and convenience.
__Water Bottles.
__Sunglasses- polarized are best.
__Soft Duffle Type Luggage and Carry on.
__Camera Back Pack-water and impact resistant.
__Cameras – plenty of film, extra batteries, tripod.

Camp Supplies • Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp provides warm, clean sleeping bags, sleeping pads, sleeping bag liners, and pillows. Guests are to bring any of the following supplies for their own personal use:
__Environmentally friendly water-less hand cleaners.
__Plastic bags to divide and secure items in your pack.
__Lip balm and skin lotions.
__Feminine products.
__Small AA flashlight and batteries.
__Spare eyeglasses – or Contact Lens & Solution.
__Personal medications – bring extra in the event of weather delay.

Miscellaneous Gear • Guests are to bring any of the following supplies for their own personal use:
__Bug repellent.
__Walking stick.
__Towelettes or Kleenex tissue.
__Journal or diary, pens and pencils.
__Book light – battery operated.
__A good book to read.

What Not To Bring
Absolutely do not bring any type of Bear spray, pepper spray, firearms or Bear mace.
(possession of any pepper spray/mace type products or firearms on the aircraft or in the field with Hallo Bay
guides will cause the trip to be terminated immediately without refund). The nature of the flight from Homer to Katmai may require the aircraft to fly at 10,000 feet at which point pepper spray/mace containers may discharge without warning incapacitating the pilot thus placing the aircraft and all passengers in a deadly situation.

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