How to Book Your Trip

1. Choose the trip that interests you and that you feel will meet your expectations. Look over and read the various information provided on our web page and prepare any questions you might have.

2. Fill out and send the online booking request form with the dates and services you are interested in. Include a contact number and a good time for us to give you a call to answer any questions you may have in deciding if this is the trip for you. You can also call us directly or communicate by email so as to have written reference to your questions.

3. One of Hallo Bay’s office staff will contact you by e-mail or phone to answer your questions and provide additional information, which may be helpful to you in your trip planning. Rest assured, Hallo Bay will never pressure anyone to book a trip with us.

4. After speaking with us about your potential trip, take a little time to think the trip over and feel free to ask any additional questions you may have left out initially. If you are ready to book your trip, notify us by email or telephone.

5. Upon receipt of your booking, we will tentatively hold your space while a trip invoice is generated and sent to you. Upon receiving this invoice, look it over carefully as to dates and other information. If all is in order, you may send the trip deposit within 30 days.

6. We will notify you on receipt of your payment and confirm your booking. We may also ask for your trip insurance policy carrier. This is to insure us that you understand our refund policy and that you are covered for reimbursement by your trip insurance company for any portion of your trip whether it is delayed or cancelled by weather, illness or other unforeseen circumstances. An Emergency contact information for your family back home will be provided as well as other local information.

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