Cully and I do feel very privileged to have experienced the bears at Hallo Bay. I was talking to a park official in Alaska that said bear viewing was now a bigger industry than sport fishing. If that is true, I thought maybe it was having a negative impact on the bears. I’m sure not everyone that offers bear viewing services has the same respect and understanding for them as you.

I used to be a serious fly fisherman and lost interest 20 years ago when I found fisherman standing 20 feet apart, keeping score of their catch like it was a baseball game, and making a social event out of something that to me was all about peace, quiet, and solitude. Anyway, I remember reading a article back then by a Alaska fishing guide who said fisherman would come up there expecting to hammer fish all day long every day. You know as well as me that this is not the way fishing or bear viewing or anything else in nature works. He said if you come for 5 days you will most likely have a couple of days of so – so fishing, a couple of days of pretty good fishing, and maybe 1 day of the best fishing of your life.

I wish we could have met you on our trip.


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