We just returned home from our Alaskan vacation and I must tell you one of the highlights of our trip was our bear viewing experience! The flight over to Katmai was spectacular. Pilots were very friendly, helpful and accommodating! While waiting for take off Wes sat and visited with us. Our return trip to Homer was wonderful as he explained different landmarks and history facts about the area. Our guide was knowledgeable, took time for each question, and still had a good sense of humor. There was an elderly couple and he helped them and took time to make sure they were safe on the trail. I was very impressed by that.

My greatest concern regarding this was would I really be safe and was I crazy for attempting this? But I must tell you that even when we were very close to a huge bear, I never felt afraid. This was due to the staff explaining to us exactly what to do and how they were constantly attentive to the bear’s actions. Now – don’t misunderstand me…I could have become quickly terrified had the bear decided to be aggressive (I am not that brave) but felt confident that the staff was continually observing for any potential situation. This allowed me to comfortably enjoying viewing them.

The day of our tour there were difficulties with a plane so return to Homer was delayed (but I really did not mind!!!) this just meant we got to spend more time and for an added bonus even had berry pie and peach cobbler when we got to visit bear camp.

I researched and called SEVERAL bear guided tours and felt this was the best one to go with…and one of the reasons was how friendly and helpful people were when I called with all sorts of questions. There was not a pressure tactic to get me to book this trip. I felt your staff was interested in sharing and giving us an opportunity to understand the bears in their own environment. Please know I will highly recommend your business to anyone I know that is planning a trip to Alaska.

Thank you and God Bless!

Jo Nell Corn

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