What a beautiful morning. I suspect those in camp will have an awesome day! And I suppose the cranes will decide to leave today? That trip to Hallo Bay was a dream, and I thank you so much for it. First, the flight over, where clouds prevented the coast route and we flew over the mountains, past Mt. Douglas (I assume), those beautiful glaciers and those peaks! Oh my, talk about rugged. That was already a delight. Got a peek at Crater Lake as well. And then to camp. You have a marvelous set up there, and I commend you for the environmental touches throughout. I will be thinking of your crew late next week as they break down all the “buildings”. That cannot be a small job. The chance to see the interaction of the bears, to watch the mama and her cubs fish right in front of us, was fantastic. I had the chance to see McNeil in 1987 and 1992 — but because of the higher concentration of bears and fish, the interactions are different. Quite frankly, I liked this much better. You can better watch and observe the individual bears — and I found the whole much, much calmer. The treat was when Mama bear nursed those cubs! That is trust, and that has to be earned, and you, the staff and your policies have done that.

Thanks so, so much Clint. The icing on top of my holiday for sure!


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