Janis & I never thanked you for the short trip we made in August. And can never thank you enough in view that we were not the most exciting or adventurous guests. The land & the bears & wolves seems less real as weeks pass by here in lunatic California. Please never give up and abandon your camp or precious guide service. I’ve been around Alaska on my own, grew up in Eagle River when Alaska was still a territory. My dad mined gold north of Fairbanks in the 30’s. His cabin was still in tact when I made it in back in 2005. I’ve been dreadfully fearful of grizzly encounters while alone in that country. The August trip will skew how I might travel in the future having never felt the peace and safety too while in the presence of the great ones. I wish I could come back again. My next encounters I will be no less cautious, certainly more tolerant and much more observing of their small behavior’s.


Phil & Janis
Salinas, Ca.

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