2 Night Tour

The Classic Nature Tour
Includes Private Cabin, Meals, Naturalists & Bush Plane Airfare included in price.

$2000 Cash Price Basic Trip
Rate shown is per person. Bush plane airfare included in price.

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This trip is highly recommended for those who are on a time constraint, but desire more exposure to the bears than is offered with the one night trip. The Classic Tour is a 2 Night tour.

From May to early July the brown bears may be engaged in complex, fascinating mating behaviors, digging clams in the inter tidal areas and grazing on the inter tidal sedge flats. In mid July the first of the salmon runs possibly begins arriving and the bears can change their diet to that of salmon. Subsequent spawning runs of different species of salmon can continue into late September.

Hallo Bay provides the guests with three, hearty, family style meals each day. If you wish alcoholic beverages during evening meals, you will need to bring these with you as we do not supply them. We provide large, comfortable, heated weatherport cabins. Each cabin has two large cots, mattress pads, sleeping bags, pillows, table and chairs. Personal products such as towels for the showers, shampoos and soaps are not supplied by Hallo Bay and are the responsibility of the guests to bring. We operate an environmentally friendly eco camp. Products that we use and that the guests use should have the environmentally friendly label on the products. You can purchase environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners and bath soap products at local health food stores or sporting goods stores in your area or in Homer before you fly out to our camp.


The following itinerary is a sample only and subject to change(s) due to seasons, arrival & departure times, tide & weather.

Departure time will vary between 8:00 AM- 11:30 AM: You will board your air taxi (bush plane) in Homer for your flight to Hallo Bay Wilderness. Remember to check in with the Hallo Bay office the day before your flight for current flight information.

As you approach Hallo Bay Wilderness, the pilot will fly over the camp and surrounding terrain to give you a bird’s eye perspective on the immense and incredibly rich coastal ecosystem.

Arrival/Orientation: The friendly Hallo Bay staff will meet you at the beach on your arrival. Our knowledgeable staff will escort you to your cabin, but please remember, your gear is your responsibility to carry up the hill to the camp area.

Cabin check-in and orientation will be conducted by the camp staff upon your arrival. A walk thru orientation tour of the Camp facilities will be conducted once all guests are checked into their cabins. Included will be operation of restrooms, showers, handling and care of food products and trash, availability of electricity and safety precautions for areas regularly used by bears as they pass near the Camp.

A thorough Bear Safety Orientation will be conducted by your Hallo Bay Staff. Including a mandatory description of how the naturalists and guests will conduct themselves while traveling through bear habitat and during bears encounters.

Now what you came all this way for….. We will walk at a leisurely and observing pace, stopping often at nearby salmon streams, or food rich meadows depending on current bear feeding habits at the time of your visit. When we come upon bears, we will stop, observe and photograph them in a manner so as not to disturb them. Your naturalists will answer any questions you may have and provide clear instructions on appropriate behavior around the bears.
(3-4 hours and 2-3 miles total, difficulty level – moderate walk).

After we get back to camp, a family style dinner will be served in the Galley early evening.

After supper, the naturalists may take the group out to the bear viewing areas again to enjoy more opportunities to observe and photograph bears and wildlife for a few more hours.

When we get back to the galley in the evening after bear viewing, on cool evenings, the fireplace will provide a cozy warmth while we talk of the day. After a hot shower, you will fall asleep to the sound of the surf and sea breezes in the comfort of a private, heated cabin.

Breakfast the next morning is served in the galley. Your lunch will be packed by the cook in preparation for your outing for the day.

After breakfast, we go on another naturalist walk to the bear viewing areas. (5-6 hours and 3-4 miles average, difficulty level – moderate walk). If on any of the days the mid day is hot, we will take an afternoon break at Camp. This time is planned as an opportunity for you to relax around camp, and have a early dinner. In most cases, this is the warmest time of the day and wildlife is generally inactive because of the heat.

After supper, the guide may take the group out to the bear viewing areas again to enjoy more opportunities to observe and photograph bears and wildlife for a few more hours.

When we get back to the galley in the evening after bear viewing, on cool evenings, the fireplace will provide a cozy warmth while we talk of the day. The guests can lounge around the galley discussing the days adventures, down load their digital images on their computers or relax in the galley with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The guests can spend the evenings after supper playing cards, enjoying board games, reading a good book, putting together puzzles, or falling asleep in their cabins to the sounds of the evening song birds, light breeze and the incoming tides.

The final morning, enjoy breakfast, pack your gear prior to check out and departure.
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Approximate scheduled departure time.  Alaskan bush pilots do not like to wait, so everyone should be ready to load and board well in advance to the plane’s arrival. The plane usually gets to camp right after breakfast so there will be no time to go out to the field to observe bears the morning your are to depart the camp.

Our advertised prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.  We reserve the right to correct typographic, photographic, pricing and or descriptive errors.

By purchasing services from Alaska’s Hallo Bay Wilderness Camps you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which we have set in place governing our operations.  If you are not comfortable with these terms we respectfully ask that you do not book with us as these are our company policies set in place for your safety, the safety of other guests, staff and our deep concern for protecting this magnificent wilderness area and the wildlife within it from those who may not realize how very fragile it is and how easily it can be overrun.  Our watch is one of concern for all living things and their environment.


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