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Hallo Bay is an eco-friendly wilderness camp located approximately 120 air miles southwest of Homer, Alaska on the wild and remote Pacific Coast of the Alaska Peninsula. The Alaska Peninsula is a part of an area called “The Ring of Fire” a volcanically active chain of volcanoes located on the leading edge of the Pacific Tectonic Plate.

The Hallo Bay area has one of the most beautiful beaches and wildlife viewing areas in Alaska. The variety of bear viewing areas offer many different opportunities to observe Alaska’s coastal brown bears in their natural habitats. Big River and Clint’s Creek, which are located to the north and south of the Camp respectively, produce an excellent variety of seasonal salmon runs. The coastal tidal flats offer good clam digging and sweet sedge grass meadows for the feeding brown bears.

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Flight Access
Access from Homer is the most weather reliable and cost effective method of accessing Katmai. The bush plane flight from Homer offers one of the most scenic views of glaciers, volcanics and fabulous coastline.


Camp Design
Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp is made to create an acute awareness of the surrounding natural pristine beauty by being a part of the environment rather than focusing attention on luxurious accommodations which leads to isolation from the environment.

Refreshing Drinking Water
Water for drinking and cooking purposes is further purified at Hallo Bay with the use of special filtering and purification systems. No chemicals are used in our water systems. Guests will need to provide their own personal water bottles or containers for trail use.

Trash & Garbage
Trash and garbage is collected in specially designed odor containing poly bags and stored in a bear proof container area until the next aircraft flight, which transports this material back to Homer for proper landfill disposal. The camp personnel and guides are very strict regarding the handling of any food or trash, both in the camp and in the field. In all the years of operation we have never had a bear damage the camp or cause a bear to be displaced in anyway and we fully intend to maintain this perfect record.

The camp utilizes an Iridium satellite telephone for communications. Guests requiring the use of the satellite phone should be aware that use charges run upwards of $7 per minute. Single Side Band (SSB) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radio communication equipment is utilized at the camp by the guides for communication between guides, camp, marine vessels, aircraft and for emergency USCG communications.


Field Activities
Your chosen Trip Itinerary will provide you with more in depth information as to the day to day activities. However, all activities, outward from the camp location will be accompanied by a naturalist due to the sheer number of bears and natural dangers in this remote wilderness area. One will not find this rule restrictive, but rather you will find the measure of safety and education it affords, priceless.

Knowledgeable Naturalists
We feel that the naturalists of Hallo Bay are some of the finest wilderness naturalists in Alaska, their concern for their guests, the wildlife and the land is without reproach. Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp can accommodate up to 8 guests per day. In this manner guests will have a quality learning experience to complement their wildlife adventure.

Bear Safety Orientation
A bear safety orientation will be conducted by our naturalists after the guests have checked into their tents and prior to the first outing into bear country. The safety of our guests is always foremost in the operation of Hallo Bay. In our 28 years of operation we have never encountered a problem with bears in the field or bears in the camp.

Education & Research
Education plays an important role at Hallo Bay as our involvement will indicate. Anyone can show you bears, but at Hallo Bay, not only will we safely guide you to the bears, we will expand your knowledge of these magnificent animals and their habitat as well as other local wildlife, marine life and plant life.

Hallo Bay Goals
Hallo Bay, while offering a splendid opportunity for our guests to observe the Alaska brown bear, will also learn and appreciate the higher value of reasonable and sustainable use practices. Hallo Bay is a direct challenge to all wilderness businesses and visitors to attempt or better their endeavors in utilizing these sustainable methods to preserve our natural resources. Hallo Bay has just begun to find its place in the nature of the environment it operates in. We still have much to study and learn to better coexist with nature.

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By purchasing services from Alaska’s Hallo Bay Wilderness Camps you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which we have set in place governing our operations.  If you are not comfortable with these terms we respectfully ask that you do not book with us as these are our company policies set in place for your safety, the safety of other guests, staff and our deep concern for protecting this magnificent wilderness area and the wildlife within it from those who may not realize how very fragile it is and how easily it can be overrun.  Our watch is one of concern for all living things and their environment.


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